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Science and Technology are Amazing!
It is my belief that you can't teach any topic thoroughly without answering the basic question of WHY? Why looks for connections and explanations. Why allows students to remember concepts because they are connected and not just memorize junk.
Physics can be both the easiest and the hardest to understand. If you think about it though, we use physics every moment of every day. Picking up bags of groceries, waiting to make a left turn and even dancing to our favorite songs, are all ways we interact with physics. In school we attempt to quantify and predict all those interactions. A basic understanding of physics helps understand the why and how things interact.
Chemistry is much like physics except chemistry also looks at the things that are interacting. What is the molecular structure of stuff? What are things made of? Why does ice float? Why do we get energy from food and not rocks? Why do things burn or explode? How does the chemistry (arrangement) of atoms affect how they interact?
Biology is the first science class for most students here at La Mirada HS. Students need to have a certain degree of maturity and positive attitude in order to do well. It is my goal to share the details about the living world in a way that is relevant and just makes sense to students. Biology is opportunity to look at how nature works and in doing so we learn about ourselves.
Technology can be as simple as a ruler or as complicated as the programming for a robot. It allows us to understand complicated systems and see what can not readily be seen. It enhances our ideas and facilitates our communication. In our Engineering classes we use technology to understand, model, and solve various tasks.