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Hello, Welcome to Ms McDonald-Emge's new web page for the 2019-2020 school year. I have been teaching high school for 27 years. This is my 21st year teaching at La Mirada High School. This year I teach   Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry.  Please see my pages for important information and links. See the wish list below for items that we need donated to class for labs.



Anatomy Assignment Due on Monday Aug 19

On a blank sheet of paper draw a human body. Fill in each region below with the information asked. This is a get to know you assignment. Make this neat and colorful. They will be posted on the wall for all to see.


Head: What your academic and professional goals are

Heart: What you love

Hands: Right: your hobbies

      Left: your skills

Feet: Right: three places you have been

      Left: three places you want to go

Trunk: First and last name

Legs: Right: three things you must have to live (would run toward)

       Left: three things you fear (would runrun away from)

You will be presenting these to the class