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Año escolar        2015-16       School Year

      Period   1 - Conference     Period   4 - Spanish 2    

      Period   2 - Spanish 1 Period   5 - Spanish 2

      Period   3 - Spanish 2 Period   6 - Spanish 1




It ain't over 'til it's over!

Open letter to students and parents:


It ain't over 'til it's over!


Please note that I am still inputting data for all classes, , so yes, your scores are still being added in!


Data entry is my #1 priority after finals today, so please understand that getting your scores in must necessarily take precedence over answering emails.


Thank you for your understanding.


So that I can update your scores...

We all want the grades to be entered as soon as possible.  To achieve that goal, please understand that I will not be answering emails for the next week, so that I can devote that time to entering your scores.


Thank you for your understanding,


Mrs. Estes


 I found some typos on this syllabus--yes, I'm that Type A--so here's the corrected version.  :) 


Sra. Estes

Español 1,2 y 3       Año escolar 2016-17


Bienvenidos (de nuevo, quizás) a La Mirada High School, y a este curso de español. Además de la lengua hablada, trata sobre reglas de gramática y el nuevo vocabulario que encontraremos en el texto, en cuentitos y videos y/o películas, depende del nivel del curso.  Además, veremos varios temas de la cultura, la historia y la literatura del mundo hispanohablante.


  1. Tardy Policy: It is the student’s responsibility to arrive to class on time and be ready to work.  Tardies are unacceptable and can affect your grade: they are also very disruptive to instruction.  Students will adhere to the La Mirada High School tardy policy and serve their detention.
  2. Absentee Policy:Absences will affect your letter grade.  Good attendance is essential in a foreign language class; we don’t want you to fall behind!  
  3. 3.  Classroom Policy:
  4. A) NO TALKING when the teacher is addressing the class.  It is very disruptive to instruction.  I am always happy to answer appropriate questions provided you wait until I finish speaking. Often your questions will be answered if you listen first.
  5. B) You are to enter class quietly, go to your assigned desk, check the board to see the agenda, and be prepared to work before the bell rings.  You must always bring your textbook, notebook, pencil, color pencils, pens, and paper to class every day.  Spiral notebook paper with torn edges is not permitted for any work turned in.  Failure to bring your textbook will result in detention.            
  6. C) Students are not to get out of their seat without first receiving permission.
  7. D) NO LOCKER PASSES. See Items 1 and 3B.
  8. E) If you have any questions or concerns not relating to the subject matter, please make it a point to speak to the instructor before or after class, especially if it’s NOT related directly to materials being taught at that time.
  9. F) Be gracious to everyone. Respect for the teacher and fellow classmates is a major requirement for this class:  no exceptions.
  10. G) No chewing of anything in this classroom.  That includes Food and soft drinks are not allowed in the classroom.  Only bottled water will be allowed, and it must be kept in a clear, sports-bottle-like container.    
  11. H) No Profanity.
  12. I) Detention Policy.  Students who break any of the classroom rules will serve a 30-minute detention either with the instructor or at detention times set by the La Mirada High School office.
  13. J) Electronic devices: Cell phones and other are devices are not allowed in the classroom. They must be turned off before and during   You are to write your homework in your agenda every day. *Laptops are allowed ONLY during specific times that the teacher will designate. Violation of this policy may cause your device to be confiscated.
  14. Student Work:
  15. A) All assignments must be turned in on time.  It is your responsibility to find out what you have missed during an absence; therefore, it’s a good idea to exchange phone numbers with two reliable classmates in case you are absent. Per District policy, you have ONE (1) DAY to make up work for each day absent.  Be sure to write “ABSENT” and note the date of your absence on the top of your paper.  It is your responsibility to come at the times provided by the teacher to make up excused work and examsLate or incomplete work will not be accepted.  Incomplete assignments will receive zero credit. Athletes, keep in mind that school comes first.  As such, make up work is very important.  In Periods 4 and 5, athletes must have a passing grade of a “C” or better in Spanish to be able to leave early on away games.              KEEP IN MIND:  Attendance will be monitored, and a student who skips class will not be able to make up exams or turn in work for credit.
  16. B) All assignments must include first name, last name, period number, and date. 
  17. C) All assignments must have a title and a page number.
  18. D) You must use black or blue ink only (except for Cornell Notes --the instructor will specify with special instructions.)
  19. E)  No spots, or drawings on papers.  No torn edges on papers.  Torn papers will not be accepted.  Messy papers will not be accepted either, and you may not rewrite them.  That includes messy writing. If I cannot read it, I cannot grade it.
  20. Notebook and Exams
  21. A) You must keep a notebook at all times.  Your notebook must contain notes and work done in class.  Please save all of your original work.  It is your responsibility to validate any work that has already been done and graded. NO LOOSE PAPERS IN YOUR TEXTBOOK.
  22. B) Your work must be organized by date.  Each paper must have a title, first & last name, class period #, and date. Your notes for the first day of class must be at the beginning of your folder and notes taken on the last day at the end.  Keep in mind that your locker is not a safe place to keep your work.  You should save your old work in a notebook at home.
  23. C) Make-ups on tests will be given only for an Excused absence.  Being absent on test days will definitely affect your grade.  If you skip class to avoid taking an exam, you will not be able to make up that exam and will receive a zero. Students must sign up for make-up tests; they will be given only on dates and times assigned by the teacher.  You have only one week from the test date to make up an exam that was given while being absent.  If an exam is not made up, then the student will receive a zero on that exam.  Also keep in mind that if you violate the testing protocol, you will receive an automatic “0” and will be held responsible for the consequences according to the La Mirada High School rules and honor code.
  24. D) Tests may be given as ORAL, WRITTEN, GROUP, or INDIVIDUAL
  25. E) Students need to receive a passing grade of a "C" or better in order to go on to the next level of Spanish.  If you do not pass you may only enroll in another foreign language class the following semester or school year.                    

                        GRADING SCALE                              GRADE BREAKDOWN

                        100—90            A                                                   Classwork & Homework   30

                        89—80                                B                          Tests & Quizzes                            50

                        79—70                                 C                           Participation                                                  10

                        69—60                                D                           Projects                                          10

                        59—Below       F                          



  • ALL ASSIGNMENTS must be labeled with the student’s name, the date, the period number, and the assignment. Write down your homework in your agenda each day before you leave.
  • DO YOUR BEST WORK. No spots, or drawings on papers.  No torn edges on papers:  torn papers will not be accepted.  Sloppy work (including messy writing) is unacceptable. If I can’t read it, I can’t grade it.
  • DO YOUR OWN WORK. Do not copy a friend’s homework, test or quiz.
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for assignments missed due to absence. To receive credit, students are allowed one day for each day of an excused absence to make up homework and/or classwork.

Write “ABSENT” on the top of the paper, in addition to the usual heading.

  • THE STUDENT is responsible for quizzes or tests missed due to absence.
  • MAKE-UP Quizzes and TESTS: Students must sign up to make up quizzes and tests on the make-up calendar.


Grades are based upon performance; you will get out of this class what you put into it, so don’t be afraid to participate. Notes will be periodically reviewed for organization and efficacy.

I am fair and impartial about grading: the grade you earn is the grade you get. Cumplan sus deberes.

I tutor students who regularly do their homework after school by appointment.



  • You must be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
  • Restroom/drinking fountain passes shall be limited to three (3) per semester.
  • NO locker passes. Period.
  • You are beautiful already; personal grooming (brushing hair, putting on makeup) is not appropriate in the classroom. Also, to ALL students: OBEY THE LMHS DRESS CODE.
  • Work until class is dismissed. Make sure you’ve written the homework in your agenda.



  • BE RESPECTFUL to all: the teacher, fellow classmates, the classroom, and yourself. **
  • NO FOOD, DRINKS, GUM, and CANDY in the classroom.
  • Do not WRITE ON, DEFACE, DAMAGE or DESTROY school property. (Obviously!)



Most of us agree: humiliation is NOT a good teaching tool.  Some of you will not know how to pronounce words in Spanish; others pronounce them very well, but struggle with grammar, writing, or reading aloud.  If you are afraid of being teased, you cannot concentrate on learning, so mocking or teasing people is NOT allowed. Period. If you feel safe, you will be able to concentrate on learning, and will enjoy the class much more. Que mantengamos un ambiente positivo, mis estudiantes.



(Detach here: Turn in ONLY the detached section in order to receive credit for this syllabus acknowledgement.  Save the remainder in your notebook for your reference.)


Student’s Name (please print): _______________________________________________________     Per. _____



Parent-Guardian/Student Signatures and Agreement

We have reviewed this 2016-17 Spanish Syllabus together and agree to abide by the class policies; furthermore,

we agree to abide by all the rules of La Mirada High School and the Norwalk-La Mirada High School Unified School District.




Student’s Signature                                                                                                                                                                Date




Name of Parent/Guardian (please print)




Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                                                                            Date



Parent/Guardian’s Email:

Todo el trabajo del viernes anterior + el lunes, martes y miércoles será debido el viernes al comienzo de la clase. Para recibir el crédito, hay que poner las papeles en orden y abrocharlas. ¡Sigan las instrucciones!

                   lunes martes miércoles jueves   viernes
                   lunes martes miércoles jueves   viernes
                   lunes martes miércoles jueves   viernes 
                    lunes martes miércoles jueves    (etc.)

Proyecto: ÁRBOL FAMILIAR (Español 1)

ÁRBOL FAMILIAR:       Español 1


For this project you will be making a family tree. You can be creative when making your family tree. It can either be real or fictional. You may use real pictures of your family or pictures from clipart or magazines, depending on the resources available to you at home. This will be a a poster. Your poster must include the following:

  • 3 generations of family members including their first and last name and their relation to you.
    • Ex) Él es mi abuelo Jorge Chavez.
  • You can include grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews, etc.

(I only need 10 relatives presented, including you.)

  • Age of family members stated using the verb “tener”.
    • Ex) Mi abuelo tiene setenta y dos años.
  • A description of their physical characteristics and traits (personality).
    • Ex) Él es generoso y cariñoso. También es alto y tiene los ojos verdes.


This project will also be graded on neatness and creativity, organization, grammar, vocabulary usage, and oral presentation.


The poster will be worth 50 points; your presentation will be worth 10 points.

Be prepared to answer some questions about your family at the end of your presentation. I will base my questions upon your poster.


Due Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2017 at the beginning of class.

Late work loses 1 full letter grade each day (turned in after the beginning of class = 1 day late.)

After 3 days, no project will be accepted.  ¡No lloren!

Presentations: March 15-17.

The rubric is on the homework page and you will receive a hard copy.

Reminder: Staple all work in order to receive credit.

  • REMINDER: It's your grade you put on the line!

Make sure all work is labeled properly.

All work must be stapled IN ORDER:
    FIRST:     Calentamientos in chronological order
    THEN:     Classwork, then homework for each day  in chronological order
    FINALLY: Photocopied packets are stapled to the bottom of the stack. 

Reminder: Label work properly.

               Semester 2  Reminder for All Classes


all work handed in must have:   

                                                        Full Heading:    

 [First and Last name]

 Español ___

 Per. ____



(PAGE)( ex. number/letter)    TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT

                                    [Use blue or black ink ONLY.]

Homework for the week: Follow the instructions.

The homework is due on Friday at the beginning of class.  It must be stapled and in the correct order. (See instructions on the homework page.)

                  No late or incomplete work.     ¡No lloren!

Feliz Janucá, Feliz Navidad y...

¡Buenas vacaciones!

Nos vemos en 2017, mis estudiantes.  :)

Final Exams: 21-22 December 2016

Remember to study a little bit every day. 

Go over your finals notes for a few minutes every day so that you'll be ready.
No tengan miedo.  ¡Sí se puede! :)

Make-Up Day moved to Thursday, 10 November!

So I can get out in time to vote, I need to

move our make-up day 

from Tuesday, 8 Nov. to

Thursday, 10 November.  Please plan accordingly!