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Language Arts 2021-2022

    Welcome to our study of the language arts.  As a high school student, I was fortunate to have influential teachers that understood the importance of language to shape our interpretation of the worlds we live in, and within.  During my freshmen year of high school, my ninth-grade language arts teacher took the time to turn on the classroom television and tune into the shuttle Explorer launch.  This fateful flight was a community experience, one in which we shared a common loss, and gained so much more in the events of that tragic morning.
    Similarly, my goal as your teacher is to provide you with an environment that engages you to reflect on your purpose for the worlds you wish to create for yourself and your loved ones.  The study of the language arts is, I believe, fundamentally important to maintaining a robust democracy, one in which you enjoy the success you create for yourself and are able to secure the goals you establish and seek to secure.  To this end, I believe being of an educated mind you enable so many more opportunities for attainment.  Although I will have a limited time with you, 180 school periods, I look to serve you and be your partner in your educational goals this year. 
I hope you will find the course of study engaging and a benefit to your learning and preparation for college and your career.  In the course of study, we will further develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, 21st-century skill set, and work to be inquisitive about the human condition and our world. 
    As for my journey as a teacher and educational leader, this marks my 23rd year teaching language arts at La Mirada High School (LMHS).  I am privileged to teach in such a wonderfully supportive community.  I am blessed to have married my wife and raised my children in La Mirada.  I mention my family, because, their support provides me the impetus to work for you.
For the 2021-2022 school year, I will guide students through Language Arts 11. 
In addition, Mr. Alvarez was elected by his peers to serve as a member of the La Mirada School Site Council.  Additionally, Mr. Alvarez serves as LMHS Edgenuity Coordinator.  Mr Alvarez is also a member of the NLMUSD Ethnic Studies team and the NLMUSD SEL for Equity Advisory Team.
Mr. Alvarez graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in English. He continued his graduate studies at Whittier College and earned his California Teaching Credential. Mr. Alvarez also obtained a Master of Arts degree in Education with a specialization in educational leadership with an administrative credential from Concordia University Irvine.
Mr. Alvarez is a member of the National Council of Teachers of English, California Teachers Association, and TANLA, and a lifetime member of the California State University Fullerton Alumni Association.
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