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Dual Enrollment

*The information on this page primarily applies to dual enrollment at Cerritos College. For information on taking a course at a different community college, please see the FAQ "What if I want to take a class at another community college?"*
What is Dual Enrollment? 
Dual Enrollment is when a student enrolls in a college course and earns college credits while still being enrolled in a K-12 institution, i.e. La Mirada High School. 
What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment? 
  • Research has shown that students who participate in dual enrollment programs are more likely to graduate and continue their education
  • Offers a low- or no-cost way to earn college credits
  • There are many options for completing courses including in-person at Cerritos College, on campus at La Mirada, synchronous remote, and asynchronous online. 
  • Access to community college facilities including the library, student resource center, and counseling. 
  • Ability to challenge oneself with rigorous coursework. 
  • Ability to take classes of interest that may not be offered at the high school. 
  • Ability to earn both college and high school credits. 
Dual Enrollment Steps for Cerritos College
1. Complete the Cerritos College Application 
  • The online application can be accessed here: CCCApply 
    • Create an account 
    • Start a new application and apply for the term you intend to take a course
    • Once you submit your application you Cerritos College student number will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours - your student number is 7-digits, all numbers
2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Form 
3. Complete the SRT/GPT
  • This is only required if you are taking a Math or English course, or if a class you want to take has a pre-requisite of Math or English 
4. Enroll in Your Class(es)
  • After your Dual Enrollment Form is process, you will need to enroll yourself in your class(es) through your MyCerritos Account
  • Check your MyCerritos for registration window or Open Enrollment
    • High school students do not have priority registration so you are advised to have alternative classes in case your first choice is full
    • How to Enroll (Video)
5. Pay Your Student Fees
  • Tuition fess of $46 per unit are waived for dual enrollment students
  • Students are however required to pay the health fee every semester they take a class
  • Student Activities and Student Representation fees are charged per semester, but can be waived with the following forms: Student Activities Fee Waiver, Student Representation Fee Waiver
Frequently Asked Questions 
Yes. Students may only enroll in 11 units for Fall and Spring semesters and 7 units for summer. The amount of units vary by class and therefore the specific number of classes students can take vary. 
No. Tuition fees ($46 per unit) are waived, but students are still responsible for the Student Health Fee, the Student Activities Fee (can be waived), the Representation Fee (can be waived), and any lab/material fees. 
Mr. Webster
No. The dual enrollment form does not enroll you in your class(es). Students must enroll themselves through MyCerritos after their form is processed
While Cerritos College is the most popular college La Mirada students take dual enrollment classes at, they are also able to take classes at other community colleges. The process will vary by college and some call it different things, but you can find the specific steps to enroll by searching the college name along with "dual enrollment," "concurrent enrollment," or "special admit". 
You can also see Ms. Hamilton in the College and Career Center (Room 367) for assistance in finding this information and completing the enrollment process.