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La Mirada High School

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Welcome to La Mirada High School  Home of the Matadores! Together Wherever We Are!
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Spotlight: LM Clubs

Spotlight: LM Clubs
La Mirada is a school with an abundance of clubs for their students to choose from, and it is not opposed to letting students start their own unique clubs and follow their passions, so long as they remember to give back to the community through community service (as all clubs are required to do so). There is a club out there for anyone, from the My Little Pony Club, to the Robotics Club to MSA, you can bet you'll find your niche club here at LM. Here is some information regarding a couple clubs so you can get plugged in and make a difference. 
Club Name 
Meeting Info Club Advisor Club President
Matador Scholar Association (MSA)
first Tuesdays of every month; rm 560
Ms. Naudin
rm 560
Christie Tan
National Honor System (NHS)  every third Thursday of the month; rm 210
Ms. Niapas
rm 210 
 Isabella Verdon & Melissa Coloma
 Girls League every other Friday; rm 563 
 Mrs. Patterson
rm 563
 Melissa Coloma
 National Art Honor Society (NAHS)  Thursday's; rm 310
Mrs. Priest
rm 310
 Josie Stocks
 Drama Club Tuesdays & Thursdays; rm 414   
 Mr. Trumbo
Marissa Young 
 Reality Bible Club  Thursdays; rm 910
 Mr. Thropay
rm 910
Miriam Adhomenem 
 Calculus Club  to be determined; rm 263
 Mrs. Hernandez
rm 263
 Johan Cervantez
 Campus Beautification Club (CBC)  every other Monday; rm 919
 Mrs. Kishore
rm 919
Gabbie Domingo & Krista Le 
Interact Club  every 2nd & 4th Tuesday; rm 575
Mrs. Wood
rm 575
Amber Salas
 French Club  twice a month on Thursdays; rm 471
 Mr. Hart
rm 471
 Paola Rocha
Catholic Club Tuesdays; rm 361 
Mr. Costa
rm 361
Christie Tan
California Scholarship Federation (CSF)  every semester for the entire first week; rm 561
Mr. Gillette
rm 561
Eric Plant
Charity for Humanity Club  to be determined; rm 371 
Mr. Martinez
rm 371
Tawnie Suarez