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La Mirada High School

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Welcome to La Mirada High School  Home of the Matadores! Together Wherever We Are!
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La Mirada High School Girls Soccer







STATE PLAYOFF APPEARANCES:  6 out of last 7 years.

CIF SS Championships

2021"Undefeated" CIF SS Champions

2016 CIF SS "Back 2 Back" Champions

2015 CIF SS Champions

2009 CIF SS Champions

2020 CIF SS Semi-Finalist
2018 CIF SS Semi-Finalist
2013 CIF SS Semi-Finalist
"Winners Dream Big Dreams!"
 "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable"
"We don't train to win championships.  We train like Champions, and the championships seem to follow." 
- Sir Alex Ferguson

****Important announcement for new incoming 9th grade parents,  Please email me your contact information as soon as possible @ [email protected], (it's a zero after my name). We will give you all the details to summer league/ tryouts that will happen from June 19th to June 30th.  All Players interest in playing for La Mirada should attend.  "Your dreams start now"


Vision Statement:
"Where winning and character development is cultured, family is created and memories are made"
Contact info Head Coach:  Dave Christensen
cell:  (562) 881-8706

New Player/ Parent Meeting for Summer/ Fall is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31st at 7:00 pm.  Link will be provided at a later date.

* Important  Clearance documents for Summer and Winter season
Please print out and turn in before summer league/ Training
* Clearance documents below 2022 LM Girls Soccer 
For Summer League please fill out paperwork for summer soccer and the physical form(good for 1 year), Follow the instruction for completing the online paperwork required by the school contain in the 2020 summer soccer.docx file below. 
Additional hard copies of summer soccer forms will be available in the high school front office, and a feeder Jr. High in the month of May.

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La Mirada girls Soccer Scholarship Athletes


Name__________________________College/ University____________________Grad

Lauren Nanez                                     Cerritos college/ Concordia Irvine                2010

Natalia Ledsma                                  UCLA/ UC Irvine                                           2010

Rebecca DeIorio                                 UC Davis                                                      2011

Sarah Carrick                                      Boston University                                         2012

Megan Guzman                                  Cal State Dominguez Hills                            2012

Madeline Panozzo                             Sam Houston State                                       2013

Ileen Mejia                                         Mercy College                                                2014

Samantha Scovel                                Mercy College                                              2014

Rebecca Castaneda                            La Verne College                                         2014

Christina Prieto                                  Whittier College                                             2014

Devin Gooch                                       Vanguard/ Biola  University                          2015

Tia Sanford                                         Indiana Westlyian University                         2015

Nicole Walter                                      Vanguard University                                      2015

Aubrey Baran                                     Whittier College                                             2015

Maxine Langenberg                           Cal State Bakersfield                                     2015

Maddie Bennett                                 Cal State Fullerton                                         2016

Amanda Duran                                   Cal Poly Pomona                                          2016

Melissa Torres                                    Mercy College                                               2017

Daisie Flores                                       Hawaii Pacific                                               2017

Gabriella Hurtado                              San Jose University                                       2017

Brianna Remedios                              Fullerton college/ Eastern New Mexico        2017

Vanessa Gonzalez                              Cal State San Bernadino                              2017

Natalie Day                                         Cal State San Bernadino                              2017

Simone Handy                                    Loyola University                                          2017

Rebecca Caudillo                                Hope University                                            2018

Lauren Garcia                                     MacEwan University                                     2018

Cassandra Loza                                  MacEwan University                                     2018

Amberley Mentz                                 New Hampshire University                             2018

Ashley Peck                                       Hope University                                             2018

Megan Day                                         Cal State Fullerton                                        2019

Yvette Ochoa                                      Cal State San Bernadino                              2019

Marilyn Prieto                                     MacEwan  University                                    2019

Isabel Loza.                                       UCLA/ University of West Virginia                 2020

Nicole Sanchez                                 Minot State.                                                   2020

Sofia Galvez.                                      Minot State.                                                   2020

Kassidy Valtierra.                                Hope University                                            2020

Kaylee Guiterrez.                                Mt. SAC / Cal State Northridge.                   2020

Sage Strohman                                   Westpoint Military Academy                         2021                       

Riley Candelario.                                 Hope University                                            2021

Marissa Marquez.                                Marymount California University                  2021

Emma Viayra.                                       Hope University                                           2021

Olivia Eidlhuber.                                   Southern Oregon University                        2022             

Cassandra Villanueva.                         UNLV                                                           2023

Mikayla Gonzalez.                                University of North Dakota                          2023



If I missed you or someone you know.  Please tell me.