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Welcome to the Visual and Performing Arts Academy

This is the eigth year for the Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) on the campus of La Mirada High School (LMHS) specifically designed for students who are interested in pursuing a college and career Pathway in:

Computer Graphic Design


Instrumental Performance


Visual Arts

Vocal Performance


LMHS students who are also members of VAPA,  improve their motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork, so that they can connect  more deeply to the other core disciplines on their campus such as Common Core Math and the Lab Sciences. VAPA students when they eventually graduate from LMHS, will have opened themselves to new and creative ways of self Expression establishing with it the academic requirements to move on to a college or career.


VAPA instructors have integrated The Arts into their core curricular subjects so that at each grade level VAPA students will receive foundational training in their Pathway of study.  VAPA students also will have opportunities to experience off-campus study trips related to their Pathway of interest. VAPA students also participate in a mentor and internship program during the junior and senior years with the community.

VAPA produces graduates that are excellent in their Pathway of study and who will continue the tradition of our award-winning program. The instructors of VAPA are proud to have the wonderful support of our VAPA Advisory Board comprised of community, district dignitaries and professionals committed to providing LMHS students opportunities in The Arts
For questions or interest, please contact Michelle Lazalde, VAPA Chair.

Expression is the monthly newsletter of the Visual and Performing Arts Academy. Expression embraces the five pathways of VAPA in both our school and community inspiring students to their college and career.