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Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) » VaPA Course Curriculum & Sequence

VaPA Course Curriculum & Sequence

  • Guided by California State Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts
  • LMHS VaPA offers a-g graduation requirements as well as Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses in multiple subjects.
  • Develops the students individual talent and creative interests.
  • Instills an increased awareness of cultural literacy and the value of The Arts in society.
  • Provides opportunities for student participation in:
    • Concerts
    • Shows (including Musicals with full Orchestra)
    • Exhibits
    • Festivals
    • Competitions
    • Workshops
    • Fine Arts related field trips
    • Guest Speakers from the Master Class series.
  • Language Arts 9A (VaPA) or Pre-AP Language Arts 9A
  • Physical Education
  • Common Core Math 1 or Common Core Math 2
  • Physics in the Universe
  • Foreign Language (year 1)
  • VaPA STRAND elective or Fine Art elective
  • Language Arts 10A (VaPA) or Pre-AP Language Arts 10A
  • World History (VaPA) or AP European History
  • Common Core Math 2 or Common Core Math 3
  • Chemistry in the Earth's System or AP Chemistry
  • Foreign Language (year 2)
  • VaPA STRAND elective or Physical Education Class or Dance
  • Language Arts 11A (VaPA) or AP English Language Composition
  • U.S. History (VaPA) or AP American History
  • Common Core Math 3 or Pre-Calculus or AP Statistics
  • Living Earth or AP Biology
  • VaPA STRAND elective or Physical Education Class or Dance
  • VaPA STRAND elective
  • Expository Reading & Writing Course (VaPA) or AP English Literature & Composition
  • Government & Economics (VaPA) (1 semester each) or AP Government & Economics (1 semester each)
  • Pre-Calculus or Calculus AB or AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics
  • VaPA STRAND or Advanced Dance
  • VaPA STRAND or Fine Arts or AP Class
  • VaPA STRAND or Fine Arts or AP Class